(Saving Tigers through Rescue Involving Public Education)

STRIPE Program

Captive tigers from Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge serve as ambassadors to those in the wild and provide students and teachers the opportunity to learn more about them through in-house visits.

The STRIPE Program emphasizes the needs to exercise stewardship for the environment as a whole, and as such animals are NOT taken out from the wildlife refuge for visits. The outreach program when conducted off-site consists of training aides such as pictures, videos, CDs, PowerPoint presentations, and slide shows.

STRIPE covers habitat destruction, poaching, and the effects of isolated forest patches on tiger populations. The presentation takes the students from tigers in the wild to tigers in captivity. An important and stressed factor of the program is that wild animals are not pets. The program has been well received by both teachers and children.

Director’s Brian Werner and Terri Werner have made numerous visits throughout the country giving tiger conservation presentations to both the public and to school-aged children. As dynamic speakers they are on the front lines nationally with tiger conservation, education, and big cat rescues.

The program is available to groups of 10 or more people on site. To present the STRIPE Program off-site, additional costs may be incurred including transportation and room and board.

On occasion, the program has been sponsored to area businesses or civic groups. For additional information or scheduling, contact Brian Werner or Terri Werner.