E-Teach is one of the first of the four cornerstones of the E-SCAPE Program.

Target population

E-Teach targets educators and future educators. This program is designed by teachers for teachers. E-Teach provide teachers with continuing education requirements that they need through future workshops at Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Need Statement

As Texas's student achievements in math, science and technology continue to lag behind national levels, the disadvantaged rural students & educators need relevant and innovative programs that utilize local resources and environments to enhance math, science and technology curricula through hands-on "real world" scientific methods. Through E-Teach, teachers will be equipped with a unique environment that enables them to have familiarity with programs that are designed by them for their own students use.


E-SCAPE will provide environmental and wildlife opportunities to introduce local educators, future educators and their students to innovative, technological science and math hands-on curricula and activities.


  1. E-SCAPE has partnered with 15 regional school districts (through the SUPERNet consortium) and a local college. The agency has consulted and partnered with outside wildlife experts from the area including the Texas Forest Service and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Service, for advising in development and maintenance of the individual ecosystems. Additional educational partners include a consortium of private and public agencies working within the educational community.
  2. E-SCAPE will develop facilities for teacher workshops/camps for continuing education, program development, curricula development and implementation.
  3. Utilizing interns, community support, corporate sponsors, and consultants, E-SCAPE will plan & develop two ecosystems consisting of a wetland and woodland for the use of regional teachers & students for hands-on, real-world learning applications. These E-Systems will contain outdoor classrooms for the teachers use during the proposed E-Teach workshops.

Project Summary

The Tiger Missing Link Foundation has partnered with educational entities to create, write and implement science/math and technology curricula. During curricula development, the teacher retreat center will include E-Systems that are planned and established at Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge. Teachers from the region will be able to attend workshops to learn and develop curricula for students for the E-Venture & E-Camp Programs. A few of the topics include the areas of wildlife management, conservation, and ecology.

Outcome (long-term)

  1. Foster ongoing collaboration between corporate, non-profit, and educational agencies.
  2. Increase public awareness and participation in environmental stewardship.
  3. Provide opportunities for math, science and technology skill enhancement for students K-16, educators, and the general public.

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