E-Search is an auxiliary program of E-SCAPE.

Target Population

E-Search targets undergraduates who are interested in researching career paths in areas of Biology, Environmental Technology, Wildlife Management, Conservation, Genetics, Zoology, and Veterinary Medicine.

E-Search is directly tailored to young adults interested in pursuing career fields involving the environment.

Adults interested in continuing their education are also encouraged to apply under the Internship Program & proposed Great Cat Management School.

The Internship segment of the E-Search program is more of a service opportunity program compared to traditional internship programs.

Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge provides room and board for the interns. This service opportunity provides the students (undergraduates) with working conditions in their fields of interest.

The students on occasion are divided into working groups (E-Groups) with assigned responsibilities for a 12-week time frame. Each of the E-Groups will gain valuable knowledge and experience during which the students will undergo specific, hands-on training in their areas of interest.

This program will provide the opportunity and knowledge needed for students to pursue higher studies in environmental fields.
An additional segment is in development and known as the Great Cat Management School, additional information for this program can be viewed at Great Cats in Crisis.

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