E-SCAPE (Environmental Science Coalition involving Animals through Public Education

Texas Parks and Wildlife has developed a K-12 environmental and conservation education program emphasizing awareness, appreciation, and understanding of wildlife and natural resources. It is interdisciplinary and supplementary, which means it can be used to teach basic learning skills in Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, Art, Music and Physical Education. With an unbiased approach to basic wildlife management practices, Project WILD/ Aquatic WILD provides young people with:

  • tools for developing their own thinking about wildlife;
  • a set of fun, hands-on, easy-to-use educational activities;
  • an outstanding six-hour, hands-on workshop for teachers and youth group leaders;
  • helpful, scientific background information preceding all activities;
  • powerful techniques and methods for teaching problem solving and decision-making skills; and
  • a program that is kid-tested and teacher-approved.

Science courses that will be offered include:

  • BIOL-1401, General Biology I (4 hours)
  • BIOL-3401, General Genetics (4 hours)
  • BIOL-4409, Ecology (4 hours)

Continuing Educational Credits for Teachers (3 courses) through Teacher workshops (Summer).