Project E-Scape

E-SCAPE (Environmental Science Coalition involving Animals through Public Education

E-SCAPE is a coalition of agencies involved in an environmental educational program for students, teachers, and the general public. The E-SCAPE Project consists of four cornerstones and one auxiliary program targeting selected groups. These programs are E-Teach, E-Venture, E-Search, E-Camp and the STRIPE Program. Curriculum and Activities emphasize multi-disciplinary field-based research projects; specializations in Applied Technologies, Biology, Conservation, Endangered or Threatened Species; and Wild Land Interpretation. East Texas is our lab.

Tiger Missing Link Foundation's goals, to protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems, parallel the goals of E-SCAPE. Through our activities, we are broadening public awareness and increasing participation in environmental stewardship and training our environmental leaders of tomorrow.

Education is the KEY to creating a generation armed with enough knowledge to successfully protect the environment. E-SCAPE is a comprehensive K-16 environmental program.

E-SCAPE is a pilot program that integrates technology, the outdoors, and education through an environmentally based curriculum centered on conservation, preservation, and endangered or threatened species. Established and supported through the creation of a unique public-private sector consortium, E-SCAPE brings together the best of the best in education, technology, conservation, and environmental science, delivering a high-profile program for all participating schools.

An innovative Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills based and teacher created field study learning program offers students and teachers ongoing access to ecosystems consisting of a woodlot and a wetland system. Included in the programs are animal habitats through electronic data gathering processes. This will be available at the Tiger Survival Center and the Tiger Discovery Center.

Students apply the interdisciplinary, real-world skills of data collection, data analysis, graphical presentation, interpretation, critical thinking, and information synthesis in an environmental context, while learning the importance of their own impact on the environment. The E-SCAPE curriculum, website, and resource materials are developed and continually updated by in-service teachers through summer onsite workshops, under one of the programs known as E-Teach. These workshops provide the teachers with confidence, ownership, and familiarity of the E-SCAPE curriculum and activities, therefore impacting their students directly.

The E-SCAPE program directly involves over 45,000 students, and more than 2,500 educators; 59% of these students are considered economically disadvantaged. The program will indirectly include more than a million people through consortium member organizations as well as the nearly limitless population of the World Wide Web.

The E-SCAPE VISION encompasses an educational/training facility that works with its' "Educational Partners" and the general public. Being open to the public allows for parental involvement with their children and the projects that their children worked on during earlier site visits. E-SCAPE Programs utilize the topics of conservation, habitat protection, environmental balance and responsibilities to meet the educational goals.

Programs of Project E-SCAPE