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Credits - Edited by:

Ronald Tilson
IUCN/SSC CBSG Tiger Global Animal Survival Plan Coordinator
and AZA Tiger Species Survival Plan (SSP) Coordinator
Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley, Minnesota

Gerald Brady
AZA Sumatran Tiger SSP Coordinator
Potter Park Zoo, Lansing, Michigan

Kathy Traylor-Holzer
AZA Tiger SSP Advisor
Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley, Minnesota

Douglas Armstrong
AZA Tiger SSP Veterinary Advisor
Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, Nebraska

and with editorial contributions from

Sarah Christie
EEP Tiger Coordinator, London Zoo, London, UK

John Lewis
International Zoo Veterinary Group, UK

A Contribution of the Tiger Species Survival Plan (SSP) of the American Zoo and Aquariums Association (AZA) and the Tiger European Endangered Species Program (EEP) of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).

Distribution of Management and Conservation of Captive Tigers to institutions participating in regional captive management programs for tigers in North America, Europe and across Asia was made possible through a generous grant from the Calgary Zoological Society's Conservation Fund.

Management and Conservation of Captive Tigers. R. Tilson, G. Brady, K. Traylor-Holzer, and D. Armstrong (eds.). Minnesota Zoo: Apple Valley, MN, 1994: 1-136. 2nd edition.