Management and Conservation of Captive Tigers


This list contains the names of the primary contributors to this document. Additional contributors to each chapter are listed under their respective chapter titles. Each contributor's affiliation, either past or present, with regional or global management programs for tigers are noted as follows: American Zoo and Aquarium Association's (AZA) Tiger Species Survival Plan (SSP); AZA Felid Taxon Advisory Group (TAG); the World Conservation Union's (IUCN) Cat Specialist Group (CAT) and Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG) of the Species Survival Commission (SSC); and the CBSG

G. Allen Binczik
Conservation Biologist, Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley, MN

Mitchell Bush (TAG)
Assistant Director of Animal Health, National Zoo, Washington, DC

Ellen Dierenfeld
Nutritionist, NYZS-Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx, NY

Ann Donoghue
Reproductive Physiologist, NOAHS Center, National Zoological Park, Washington, DC

Siri Hakala
University of Minnesota-Morris, Morris, MN

Jansen Manansang (CBSG, GASP)
PKBSI Sumatran Tiger Coordinator, Taman Safari Indonesia, Cisarua-Bogor, INDONESIA

Jill Mellen (SSP, TAG Chair)
Conservation and Research Coordinator, Metro Washington Park Zoo, Portland, OR

Richard Montali
Pathologist, National Zoo, Washington, DC

Angela Norell
Librarian, Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley, MN

Lyndsay Phillips
Veterinarian, Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, IL

Nicholas Reindl (SSP)
Curator, Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley, MN

Ulysses Seal, (SSP, CAT, CBSG, GASP)
IUCN/SSC CBSG Chair, Apple Valley, MN

Alan Shoemaker (SSP, TAG, CAT)
IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group, Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia, SC

Lee Simmons (SSP, TAG, CBSG)
Director, Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, NE

Ross Taylor
Tiger Keeper, Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley, MN

David Wildt (TAG Chair, CBSG)
NOAHS Center, National Zoological Park, Washington, DC

and from the EEP

Simona Brantlova
Curator of Mammals, Prague Zoo, Prague, Czech Republic

Marianne Holtkotter
Curator of Mammals, Stuttgart Zoo, Stuttgart, Germany

Tom de Jongh
Curator, Arnhem Zoo, Arnhem, Netherlands

Douglas Richardson
Assistant Curator of Mammals, London Zoo, London, UK

Wolfram Rietschel
Veterinary Surgeon, Stuttgart Zoo, Stuttgart, Germany

Willem Schaftenaar
Veterinary Surgeon, Rotterdam Zoo, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Paul Vogt
Curator, Krefeld Zoo, Krefeld, Germany