What to Do If You Learn of Big Cats Near You

Print this guide sheet and MAKE A REPORT with the following information:

  1. Get a friend to help you, the buddy system is the best safety measure and have your cell phones available for emergency calls and to take pictures if opportunity allows for it.
  2. Gather as many details as possible but DO NOT risk your well-being. Remember safety first!
  3. Include the Location or address.
  4. Names and contact information of persons involved with these cats.
  5. Try and determine the types of big cats if known.
  6. Try and determine how many big cats are at the site.
  7. What are they doing there or what are they saying that they are doing?

Here are other details you might gather:

Is the set up a mobile break down exhibit or permanent facility?

Contact our agency or our affiliated agencies: Nationwide Rescue & Consultation Services Are Available.

Brian Werner (903) 858-1008 or send an email to tiger1@tigerlink.org
Terri Werner, tigress1@tigerlink.org or use our contact page

Tiger Missing Link Foundation serves as a resource for rescues involving exotic and wild felines with an emphasis on tigers, lions, etc. Additionally, we have served as consultants to judicial processes related to court proceedings, a resource to media reporters and directors for reliable information including insights to the big cat industry. TMLF has also served as consultants involving conservation issues, especially those related to tigers, both captive and wild, including support to the Department of Defense, the US Army and numerous law enforcement agencies internationally.

Benefits we offer to local law enforcement agencies include resources involving proper placements of abused, neglected or displaced big cats. Animal welfare agencies and local animal shelters are also strongly encouraged to work through the foundation for the most effective and secured removal and proper placement of all exotic and wild felines. These animals require special equipment and training for quality care, safe loading, transporting and placement.

Benefits we offer to the media are a one stop reliable source of up to date information involving the big cats.

Protection of the animals, the public and primary care givers must always be considered during any and all involvement with wild and exotic felines.

If you are inexperienced please pick up the phone! One telephone call can save the lives of the general public, personnel, and animals.

Many animal organizations have egos bigger than the species at hand and they have been the main factor of today's good intentions becoming tomorrow's evening news. Many veterinarians are not even versed in such operations and lack GENUINE experience working with these types of animals, especially domestic dog and cat shelters, so therefore, the BEST policy is when in doubt, call out!

We can be reached at (903) 216-2072 day or night, or by leaving a message. We will return the call ASAP!

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