Recommended Guidelines for Law Enforcement Officials

  1. SECURE THE AREA; remove ALL undue traffic and remove all non-essential people!
  2. Have standby Direct Response available, specifically an ambulance service dedicated.
  3. Call Tiger Consultant, Brian Werner, at 903-216-2072 or contact us online - Nationwide Services Available.
  4. Keep media out of the way.

Tigers and many other big cats are listed as endangered species and euthanasia is illegal.

Wild and exotic felines are potentially dangerous and may be acclimated to people.

Special precautions must be used when feeding, providing water, clean up, medical care and loading or unloading them.

If you make one mistake it can cost the lives of many, including the animal.

Many animal agencies lack the experience of managing big cats. Several have even performed limited rescue services portraying themselves as experts only to have damaged the welfare of the animals and even caused injury to people. Such injuries by these so-called animal groups are seldom reported to local authorities when called upon. This is especially true of the Houston and Dallas, Texas Regions. Most of these animal rights agencies are primarily domestic animal rescue agencies such as dog and cat shelters, HSUS, ASPCA, IFAW, etc. Most, if not all local dog and cat shelters lack real practical experience involving exotic and wild felines.

For all BIG CAT RESCUES, please take advantage of our services and save your County or Perish time and money. We have been called upon numerous times by the Federal Government, State Governments and many Counties and Cities.

Contact: Brian Werner (903) 216-2072 or contact - Nationwide Services Available.

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